Why is it Important to Have a Personal Website?


Why is it Important to Have a Personal Website?

Why is it Important to Have a Personal Website?

Building a successful career has never been more difficult than it is today, so why is it important to have a personal website. Not only are there fewer jobs available, but competition for any given job is at an all-time high.

The competition for work and advancement has never been more severe than it is today. Professionals are realizing that, in order to succeed, they need to promote themselves above their competition. Yet, when asked, most people don’t know how to go about doing this.

For an increasing number of professionals, having a personal website or blog was the best answer. Most people feel that websites are the best self-promotion tool currently available. Here are some ways that having a personal website can help give you an edge in your career:

  1. A Website Increases Your Chances of Being Found. A website will make you more visible in the search engine results page for people that search for you by name, as well as, those who are looking for your particular skills and services.
  2. Most First Impressions Today Are Now Happening Online. According to Google, 80% of people will research someone online before actually meeting them for the first time. That number increases to 95% when you include employers researching possible candidates. Having a properly designed and well-written website can provide you with the best chances of making that decisive first impression a great one! Your website can make you stand out above the rest!
  3. A Website Provides Your Content with Greater Attention. People today are spending more time on websites than they do on any given social networking profile. Personal websites don’t contain distracting ads, third-party branding, or other user profiles vying for the visitor’s attention. And you are able to take the time to explain yourself better and what it is that you are looking for. Also, a personal website can be one convenient place to link to all of your social networking profiles: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.
  4. A Personal Website Sends a Strong Professional Message. For years, prominent authors, musicians, celebrities, and other personalities have used websites to gain exposure for their profiles and provide a personalized space to showcase their work and capabilities without the space restrictions of a one- or two-page résumé. Having your own website sends a message that you care about your professional image, whereas providing fresh and relevant content shows that you put time and thought into your career. Having a personal website is also a smart strategy for freelancers and consultants who are looking to attract clients.
  5. A Website Lets Your Personality Shine. A good sales person knows how important it is to make that “personal connection” with their clients. Whether it be a shared hobby or interest, a life’s philosophy, personal thoughts, ideas or experiences, etc., making a connection with your audience reminds them that you are a real person and not just a name or a number. A website will give you the chance to talk about your interests and experiences in a way that is difficult to do on a résumé, and it will give your readers many opportunities to make those very important connections!
  6. A Website Will Be Working Even When You Are Not. A website never sleeps. It is always dressed for success and ready to impress even when you aren’t available! It gives your personal brand a global footprint that can be accessed anytime, anywhere—most social profiles do not do this. You can use your personal brand website to proactively manage the information that exists about you online.

Because a website is dynamic and interactive — with the capability of adding images, videos and documents — you can make your story come alive in a way that’s impossible to do on paper!
It is also a great way to prove that you are comfortable with technology, an especially important factor in the modern age.

This site is an example of a personal website. I use it for personal fun, as well as, for professional matters allowing parts of me to be shared with whomever comes to visit my site; and I’ve even included a link to my professional résumé!

Done correctly, a website can show prospective employers your personality, creativity, drive and work ethic. Hiring managers will be able to get a much better sense that you would be a great candidate for their organization. In other words, your website can establish that you are the right person for the job!

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