The Walking Dead: How the show differs from the graphic novel

How “The Walking Dead” Graphic Novels Are Different From The Television Show

Hello, Everybody, and welcome to the first part in my ongoing journal of “The Walking Dead” graphic novels and television comparison. Recently I’ve started reading “The Walking Dead” graphic novels and I’ve notices many differences from the television show so I started making a list. As of this post, I am currently making a list of most of my findings through “The Walking Dead” Vol 9: “Here We Remain” and the first part of Vol 10.

For instance, in the television show it is always hot and sunny in most every episode with a couple of thundershowers. Well, in the beginning of the graphic novel series winter is approaching and you see them fight to survive through a cold and snowy winter. Also in the graphic novels, there are no such characters as Daryl or his obnoxious brother Merle who are introduced in the very first episode of the television show.

WARNING: Please be warned that this post does contain SPOILER ALERTS for both the graphic novels and the television show!!

Graphic Novels: Hershel does not have a daughter named Beth. Interesting Fact:The actor who plays the young teen-aged Beth is actually 29 years old in real life!

Graphic Novels: Carl kills Shane in beginning of the series; he shoots him through the neck.
Television Show: Rick kills Shane in the second season by stabbing him in a field.

Graphic Novels: Andrea and Dale are lovers! Yes, the young hot Andrea is schtupping the old, but lovable, Dale.

Graphic Novels: Carol and Tyreese are lovers. But this is short-lived because once Michone shows up, she ends up performing oral on Tyreese thus breaking him and Carol up after she catches them together.
Television Show: Carol plays the wife of an abusive husband. There is no evidence of abuse in the graphic novel.

Graphic Novels: Tyreese, who is introduced much earlier in the series, doesn’t have sister, only daughter who has a boyfriend who he ends up murdering after a suicide pact between the young couple goes awry.
Television Show: Tyreese is introduced much later in the show than the graphic novels and is found in the woods traveling with his sister and young couple; he has no daughter.

Graphic Novels: Hershel is a real dick and kicks everyone off farm shortly after Carl’s speedy recovery.

Graphic Novels: Sophia is alive! She never wanders off and ends up a zombie in the barn on Hershel’s farm. Carol, however, ends up getting killed at the prison leaving Sophia orphaned. But it’s okay, Maggie and Glenn end up adopting her!
Television Show: Sophia never even makes it to Hershel’s farm while she is still alive; she ends up a “walker” who is later found in Hershel’s barn on his farm.

Television Show: They end up going to the CDC where they take shelter and end up finding out that they are all carrying the virus that makes them zombies.
Graphic Novels: The above fact is learned early on while at the prison; for this reason, Rick goes back and digs up Shane’s body and finds that he has turned without having been bitten.

BONUS FACTS: “The Walking Dead” actually refers to the survivors not the “walkers”! This is made known shortly after Rick realized that they are all carrying the sickness that brings everyone back from the dead.

BONUS FACTS: In the graphic novels, the dead are referred to as “roamers” or a “herd” when they swarm; I have yet seen them referred to as “walkers” like in the television show.

BONUS FACTS: Lori was originally named Carol and “The Walking Dead” was titled “Night of the Living Dead” because that name is public domain.

BONUS FACTS: When the creator pitched the idea to his publishers with a sample graphic novel, Rick and his wife were at home watching television showing the news of the outbreak. Carl was in his bed asleep, and Rick was never in the hospital.

Well, I have a lot more fun facts on my list, but I am going to put them in a later post, so please keep checking back to read the rest of my ongoing list as I go through the entire Walking Dead graphic novels and compare them against the television show!

In my next post, find out how Maggie is introduced in the graphic novels as being a big slut, how carol turns on the group and sets a murderer free, who is really beheaded at the prison by The Governor (hint: it’s NOT Hershel!), which main character in the television show hangs themself and much, much more!

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