Pink Floyd – Dark Side of the Moon

Amazing Fact:

Pink Floyd—named after two blues musicians, Pink Anderson and Floyd Council—released “Dark Side of the Moon” in 1973. It is listed in the “Guinness Book of World Records” for being on the charts longer than any other album in history.

It is the third best-selling album of all time and has remained the longest standing album on the US Billboard Top 200 chart in history at over 741 consecutive weeks, nearly 15 years, on the chart.

On the week of May 5, 2006, “Dark Side Of The Moon” achieved a combined total of 1500 weeks on the Billboard 200 and Pop Catalog charts.

It is estimated that one in every 14 people in the U.S. under the age of 50 owns or has owned a copy of this incredible album.

Below is the complete Pink FloydDark Side of the Moon album plus my favorite song from them: Have a Cigar. I hope you’ll enjoy them!


Dark Side of the Moon Music Video (Full HQ Album)




Have a Cigar Music Video


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